GFNY Jerusalem's Team Shalva
GFNY Jerusalem's Team Shalva
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Team Shalva

Team Shalva, the first charity group in GFNY Jerusalem, will take you on the ride of your life - through one of the most stunning cities in the world, all while supporting the trans-formative care Shalva provides.

Your chance is here
The Ride Begins
APRIL 27, 2018

Riding for hope, love and human dignity Team Shalva

Team Shalva is a worldwide family that brings the joy of sports to people of all abilities. We are a diverse group of bikers who travel from all over the world to Israel to participate in the GFNY Jerusalem in support of Shalva. Team Shalva is also the first and largest (and we believe coolest) team in the Jerusalem Marathon.The Team Shalva experience includes:

  • Gran Fondo (130 km), Media Fondo (70 km)
  • Free Roundtrip Airfare & Hotel in Israel
  • Two Epic Parties: Pre-Race & Victory
  • Fun Weekend in Jerusalem
We do this for the kids:
Shalva kids are our strongest motivation. No boundaries and no roadblocks keep them from trying their hardest and giving their all.


Talia started at Me and My Mommy at birth and it's here that her energetic, curious and cooperative personality have come to life. Plus, her outfits are always tip-top!

Talia is maximizing Shalva's early-intervention to ensure that she reaches her milestones on time and at the highest level. Seeing a child as motivated as Talia proves that an early developmental edge changes the course of a child's life.


An artist at heart, Sapir Ilu loves quality coffee and putting on makeup like a real lady.

Sapir grapples with Progeria, a rare syndrome that causes rapid aging. Sapir enjoys sleep-overs where she practices independent living. Despite her size, Sapir has big dreams to go out and see the world. On her recent trip to Euro Disney, sponsored by the Make a Wish Foundation, Sapir brought along friends from her Shalva family.

Tal Kima

Tal, who has Down syndrome, has been attending Shalva since age 6, and it was in music therapy that his talent for the drums was discovered. Tal's hobby is learning songs in sign language and he often accompanies the soloists in sign language to the delight of the audience. His dream is to serve in the IDF and we hope he will fulfill it.


At Shalva, we focus on recognizing abilities. Rise to the challenge and join us on this ride. We will provide you with your personalized fundraising site, and the resources to guarantee your success. THE MONEY YOU RAISE WILL BENEFIT Shalva and the vital services we provide to children with special needs and their families.



Can't join the ride but would love to be part of this challenge? Sponsor a rider today. The money you give will directly impact the development of a child with disabilities and their family ensuring them a brighter tomorrow.